Working Illegally

Working illegally here in Brazil is another one of those things the authorities don’t seem to bothered about. The same goes with the employees! Many Brazilian citizens (infact maybe the majority i know!!) work without a contract, which means the company has no record of them working there! For this reason, there seems to be no problems working illegally in Brazil.

English Schools

This of course seems the most likely option if you are an English Native and don’t speak portuguese yet! Here are my tips

  • Go to the school in person ‘Voce fala ingles?’ as on all occasions i have sent emails, very little, if any, companies reply
  • If you email, do write in Portuguese as alot of English School secretaries don’t speak English (weird hey?)
  • If you have many interviews make sure you ask about the wage as this varies from school to school
  • Ask about how you will get paid, as if you are trying to work illegally you will need to get paid in cash, or, in a check made out to someone who has a Brazilian bank account.

Getting your workers book

To work Legally in Brazil it is important that you apply for your ‘carteira de trabalho.’

You can only apply for this if you have a Visa OR Proto-call number.

Make your way to the ‘ministerio do trabalho,’ with the following documents –
Proto-call card (number)
Letter which accompanies the Proto-call card
Proof of Residency

After waiting in the ministerio do trabalho to be seen, you will hand over your documents, take a picture (which you can smile on YAY!) give some finger prints, and finally a signature.

After about 1 week, your book will be ready to collect!

When collecting your book, mention you are a foreigner. I didn’t and the woman was confused as she couldn’t find my book in the normal pile!

Once you have your book, your ready to work LEGALLY In Brazil!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Phoebe
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 11:48:17

    hi – i am coming to campo grande to live for 6 months – my boyfriend lives there. i want to get some work teaching english – i have 4 yrs experience – is there many english schools there? can u send me a list? ive been trying to look some up on the internet but there doesnt seem to be many..


    • christavo
      Mar 29, 2011 @ 17:57:59

      Hey Phoebe!
      Well first i would love to get to know more about you as theres not many English people in the city! Its CAMPO GRANDE – MATO GROSSO DO SUL right?
      I know just myself lol, and at the moment im traveling with the aim to leave the city when i return.
      Here are a list of a few companies.
      Fisk, Alps, Wizard, Red ballon, Yes.
      They are the main ones. Some will mention about you being able to work legally. But if they dont ask, dont mention it. Just make sure one thing – They pay in cash, or are happy to give you the cheque in your boyfriends name.
      Send me an email if you want to meet up when you arrive!


  2. Phoebe
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 12:04:03

    just sent u an email – and then realised i forgot to say ill be arriving late june – early july: so u are thinking of leaving? when?
    anyway post me abck an email


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