Panti’s Noble’s Gay Rights Speach

So True. This really caught me. In particular, the part ”I was standing at a crossing, and someone shouted out ”FAG.” Now at that point, It didn’t bother me too much, I mean I am a fag right? But what does bother me is when I question myself afterwards ”What made them realise I was gay? What do I need to do differently?” I HATE THAT. So next time I stand at the crossing, I’m questioning myself. That’s oppressive.”




CasesHey Guys!

As promised I have started to update the page ”A UK VISA” with our story on how we came to live and work in the UK.

This will detail not only our own experience, but also provide you with some useful information, guidance, and resources on how you too can settle here!

I hope you continue to find this blog informative, and please also share your thoughts, comments and questions at the bottom of the relevant page!

UK Visa Success

Hello ladies and gents!

Well We were successful with the UK visa and Paulo is now living and working here in the UK,

I promise to update you all on the process soon, keep an eye on the A UK Visa tab

Take care


Applying For Paulo’s UK Visa…

Hi All!

Just to let you know, Paulo has now applied for his UK Visa in Brazil. I am extremely busy with work at the moment but I shall be looking to document our process between now and next week, bit by bit, so watch this space!


Goodbye Brasil…

Ladies & Gentleman,

Together, we have decided the next stage of our life is not going to be in Brazil, following the request of documents from us which are a year mature which we could not provide.

If you too are in this situation, I hear another option is to register your marriage in front of a judge.

So Whats next for us!? I am returning to work on the cruise ships tomorrow – Where we first met, with the hope that soon my partner will be joining me, or, once he joins another ship we come together (sooner rather than later i hope!)

After December we have been together for 2 years and will be attempting to apply for a UK Visa! I will also try my best to document this process here too.

Thank you for all your continuous support, and good luck to each and every one of you!


Gay Partnership in Brazil?

With the recent news stating same-sex couples can get married in Brazil I wanted to share some light about how this affects those applying for Visas.

The Visa I applied for is Stable Union. This is Brazil’s version of ‘Marriage’ or ‘Civil-partnership.’ This, in our state, has been available to Same-sex couples for around a year now.

With it now being available through-out the country, it gives same-sex couples the same rights to apply for a visa as hetro-sexual couples. I’ve seen many different success stories already!

The biggest thing. Remember, everyone’s story is different. There is no consistency when applying for this Visa, and depending where you are applying, is dependant on what your told!

Congratulations to those states that didn’t have this Same-Sex partnership in place already! 🙂

Mariner of the seas, da Royal Caribbean, está no Brasil (It’s Here!)

Thats Right! Royal Caribbean’s, Mariner Of the Seas has now arrived in Brazil just in time for the Carnival.

Having previous experience with the Cruise line company as a Guest Services Rep on the largest ship of the world, Oasis of the Seas, its a pleasure to see a smaller, yet equally as pleasurable ship arrive here to give tourists a unique view of Brazil.

The itinerary involves a circular of Sao Paulo, Rio, and Salvador showing, what many would say, the best Carnival points!

If you have ever considered a cruise, i certainly recommend to everyone! They are a truly amazing and unique experience!

I myself was hoping to cruise with friends on the Mariner, but to do the transatlantic crossing that starts on March 13th, sadly the plans seemed to have fallen through! Lets see whats in store….!

For more information about cruising and from a crew members point of view, visit my friends blog –

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