CasesHey Guys!

As promised I have started to update the page ”A UK VISA” with our story on how we came to live and work in the UK.

This will detail not only our own experience, but also provide you with some useful information, guidance, and resources on how you too can settle here!

I hope you continue to find this blog informative, and please also share your thoughts, comments and questions at the bottom of the relevant page!


Changes Like the Wind!

2 months later, and here I am again.

This time, I assure you what I’m about to write is the correct information….WE ARE APPLYING FOR PAULO’s UK VISA!

We have decided not to go back to Brazil and to stay here and try and apply for residency here instead…..

I now have a full time job, and am renting an apartment near to my place of work. Of course this mean’s that I am contracted to stay at the apartment, hence – Our plans can no longer change!

I will update (if time from work permits lol) our process ūüėÄ


Working LEGALLY In Brazil

To work Legally in Brazil it is important that you apply for your ‘carteira de trabalho.’

You can only apply for this if you have a Visa OR Proto-call number.

Make your way to the ‘ministerio do trabalho,’ with the following documents –

  • Proto-call card (number)
  • Letter which accompanies the Proto-call card
  • Passport
  • CPF
  • Proof of Residency

After waiting in the ministerio do trabalho to be seen, you will hand over your documents, take a picture (which you can smile on YAY!) give some finger prints, and finally a signature.

After about 1 week, your book will be ready to collect!

When collecting your book, mention you are a foreigner. I didn’t and the woman was confused as she couldn’t find my book in the normal pile!

Once you have your book, your ready to work LEGALLY In Brazil!

Over-staying Your Visa in Brazil

So, you’ve not got your act together and moved on to an alternative visa! No Problem! When i applied for my visa the police federal basically advertised for me to stay in the country Illegally. These are the implications –

  • R$8 per day
  • Capped at 100 days (R$800)
  • Paid on RETURN to Brazil
  • No other implications i have heard about

I didn’t do this as i have a visa for the USA and didn’t want to risk loosing it, but everything I’ve read suggests there is no problem doing this (like i said even the federal told me about it)

I have also read many  people applying for their visa while illegal (some for up to 2 years illegal!)

Soon i will post some information about working in Brazil so keep posted!

TAM Airlines – Telephone Customer Service

Ladies & Gentleman.

You thought that the Call Centres in the UK sucked? Well I can officially say that TAM airlines tops every bad experience I have ever had.

I stupidly forgot to sign up for their loyalty scheme before taking my flight with them to Brazil. No problem, I said to myself, just sign up now!

So off I went to the airport to get an application form. Filled it in. Handed it in.

A few weeks later I made multiple flights with TAM visiting other cities. Gave my number. Done.

Later, I call to view how many points I have. ‘I’m sorry sir but we don’t have your number in the system’ Great.

Here is my, and my Portuguese speaking friends experience of TAM Telephone Customer Service.

  1. Told my number is registered
  2. I call the TAM Loyalty card number to see what I can do about this. I am given another number to call – ‘Call The President’ – Their complaint line
  3. I call. No option for English speakers, Great! ‘Ola, Voce fala Ingles?’ Of course not. I Hold. And Hold….And Hold…And Ho…hang on, the line is dead. After 30 minutes they hung up! GREAT!
  4. I call again. ‘Ola, Voce fala Ingles?’ Suprise! No. I hold and hold and hold. Now don’t get me wrong. I understand that I am in another country – I am not one of these people who expects them to speak English, but for a multi-national company like TAM, I do expect to have the option when i’m complaining! I speak to a very polite gentleman who tells me I need to email my tickets, the Card, My Passport, and address details to them. Along with the protocall number for my case.
  5. I email them. Great! 7 days later, No response.
  6. I email them again. This time I received a response saying my documents had been received.
  7. Another long period of time, and still no reply. My friend calls them. We are told that they can not help us because the information is sent to a different place and is being dealt with.
  8. This was in August, we left it because I had no plans to travel again any time soon.
  9. In December, I book a flight with TAM. Never got a response! So my friend calls. ‘Yes the problem has been resolved. I can see the points on here. Go onto the internet and register a password.
  10. I go onto the internet to register a password. Put my details in. Nothing. Every time I press enter it clears the form and nothing happens
  11. My friend calls again. ‘Ok click onto ‘Forgot Password,’ Give us the details this way, this will work.
  12. I do this. It doesn’t work.
  13. My friend calls again. This time they check to make sure my details are correct, and take my CPF number. Everything is correct. This time we keep her on the phone, and finally get somewhere. She tells us to leave the first ‘0’ off the Loyalty Card Number. It confirmed I will¬†receive¬†an email in a few minutes.
  14. I haven’t¬†received¬†an email after an hour. I try again. Both using my passport number, then trying again with my CPF.
  15. I still haven’t¬†received¬†an email. We call. Again.
  16. ‘ You need to call Multiplus Fidelidade¬†(the owner of TAM Fidelidade (loyalty scheme.)) Great. Why didn’t they tell us this before!
  17. We call Multiplus – ‘The loyalty number you have given me is registered under someone¬†else’s¬†name’ WHAT! My friend says ‘But we have been on the phone many times with ‘The President’ and they tell us that there is no problem, they confirmed our details. ‘I’m sorry but you will need to speak to them, do you have their number?’ **cough**
  18. We call ‘The President.’ ‘We just called Multiplus and they told us the card is not registered under Chris’s name?’ the lady confirms that,¬†in fact, IT IS registered under my name. We get back to the problem. My password. My account. She guides us through again, and tells us that we well¬†receive¬†the email this time.
  19. We don’t¬†receive¬†the email. I, by this time, am very angry, and sadly me and my friend are arguing because we are both upset about it. So i decide to risk disconnected phone line or 30 minute wait and say that dreaded phrase….
  20. ‘Voce fala ingles?’ ‘Please wait.’ This time, to be fair, it wasn’t long. I explain the situation ‘In august I sent my details because…(etc) Now i need a password, and the email is NOT sending to me. The lady before said that my card is registered under someone elses name. Why?’ She checks my details and again tells me MY details are there. ‘You need to click on ‘forgot password’ and enter your details.’ I explain that¬†I¬†have tried this MANY times and its not working. ‘You need to call Multiplus…’ You can¬†imagine¬†what I was thinking! ‘No, they told me to call you!!’ ‘Ah, ok, can you spell your email for me please. (i spell it.) I can see the problem. Your email address is wrong.’¬†Hallelujah, now she can amend it and get this sorted. 2 minute job! ‘I need you to send me your passport and proof of address to this email…’ Great… ‘But why can’t you just change it for me?’ she replies – ‘I’m sorry I can’t you need to send it to this address…’
  21. I send the Email. I have an automatic response ‘Please try your password request again after 72 hours.’
  22. I try again. Still Nothing….
  23. I Email again. Try again. Nothing

And, this is where we are now. Present day. No resolution, ongoing since August, and a flight back to England the end of this month. Admittingly the people we speak to are pleasant, but I am just thrown back and forth like a tennis Ball, given false believes, and false information.

I will keep you posted. In the mean time – Tell me your experiences? I’m sure you’ve had a few of your own….

Hello world!

Hey All!

My name is¬†Cristov√£o, I’m 22, and have been in Brazil since 2010. So far I have visited Campo Grande, Rio & Sao Paulo, with more¬†travelling¬†to come!

I am currently living in Campo Grande РMS. The city itself is the biggest in MS State, relatively boring, but very highly populated.

I moved here in June 2010 – The whole idea of living in Brazil was so crazy, yet very exciting! When I arrived I spoke NO Portuguese, and I am sad to say it is still very poor – But improving – Slowly!

After my own experience of trying to find other English speakers or advice about living in Brazil from a real person, I decided to make a Blog to share with you my experiences – past, present and future. So here it is!

I really hope the information posted on this site is useful to you, and maybe you’ll meet some new friends along the way. Please feel free to share your stories and experiences to! I would love to hear them!