CasesHey Guys!

As promised I have started to update the page ”A UK VISA” with our story on how we came to live and work in the UK.

This will detail not only our own experience, but also provide you with some useful information, guidance, and resources on how you too can settle here!

I hope you continue to find this blog informative, and please also share your thoughts, comments and questions at the bottom of the relevant page!


2014 Update

Firstly – Happy New Year to all my visitors! It’s great to see that this blog still gets a lot of interest and has been able to help some people. I was excited to see its had over 10,000 hits since launching it!

I know that I haven’t been around for a while, so I thought I would share a little update.

Paulo and I have been together now for 4 years now, and in the UK for 2. He acquired his UK Visa in June 2012, so we are now looking to apply for our renewal which we give him ‘Indefinite leave to remain.’

After first moving to the UK we lived in Braintree for 1 1/2 years, which although being a small city, we loved! Since July of last year we have been living near Watford, London. We moved this way due to my new job (Which I’ve since left,) and are enjoying being closer to London!

The plan is to update this blog with information of our UK visa application soon. We are visiting Brasil soon which I’m excited about too!

All the best for 2014


Off to Poland I Go!

So, after a very nice, yet life reviewing 2 weeks, tomorrow i go to Poland to see someone i know is really excited to see me! Can’t Wait Kamilla!
Sadly, with this horrible English weather i have developed a terrible cough / sore throat. Not nice!

Still not seen any snow which I’m sad about, but with Poland on the horizon i can only Hope! My friend has a fun filled 5 days for me, so keep an eye out for the pics!

Packing that case!

Well, with my travels back to England fast approaching I’m packing the case, wondering what to leave here, and what to take there! Its so easy to take everything.

The biggest trouble for me was the un-predictable journey from here to there. I’m going to attempt to get an early flight rather than the one i booked, as there always seem to be problems at Campo Grande Airport (my friend works there) and then how to get from London to my City!?

‘Should i book tickets now? But then i don’t know if the flight will be delayed. OK well should i book for this time, or that time? Because who knows how long customs will take!?’ So many questions floating through my head, and no one to make the decision for me!

Anyway, I’ve taken a risk and booked ‘non-refundable’ train tickets in advance to save a bit of money, but if things don’t go to plan, it could end up costing me more. Lets see!

Fingers Crossed!

Feliz Natal! Christmas In Brasil

Well. I have to admit, it just DOESN’T feel like Christmas!

After commenting about this yesterday the response I got from my friend was ‘Even for us Brazilians, its a kind of weird experience, because everywhere you look Santa is in a big thick coat, or its decorated with panda bears and snow…’ And of course, realistically, here I am averaging at 30 oC everyday!

Christmas however, DOES seem to be as big as

it is in the UK. Shop’s are open later, the police presence gets larger, the streets get busier, the decorations go up everywhere, and they even have our version of ‘Secret Santa’ – ‘Amigo Secreto’.

The traditional drink at Christmas is either Champagne or Cider – However Cider in Brazil tastes much like Champagne, and nothing like our English cider (which I have to admit I miss…Alot!)

Many families also enjoy Turkey at Christmas, and of cause like I imagine it is in most countries, Christmas is a time for families.

For me? We decorated the house in the middle of November which I’m told is quite normal here – my mother was shocked. We have a work party to go to tonight. I took part in ‘Amigo Secreto,’ and on Christmas day it looks like we will be spending it with Friends.

Enjoy some of the decorations below! Merry Christmas Everyone!


Missing the UK

After 6 months, a protocall number in hand, and an inner call to return to my home city, its time to venture back to England.

Over the past months I learnt to love all of Brazil’s little magic touches –

Farofa, Mandioca, Rodizio ( I love all you can eat anywhere in the world!) and of course the amazing Caipirinha. Word of warning – Try and remember that you are technically drinking straight Vodka. I forgot that a few times! : /

With strikes, snow, ice, and general winter horribleness, fingers crossed for an Un-disrupted journey back to the, unusually cold, UK!