2014 Update

Firstly – Happy New Year to all my visitors! It’s great to see that this blog still gets a lot of interest and has been able to help some people. I was excited to see its had over 10,000 hits since launching it!

I know that I haven’t been around for a while, so I thought I would share a little update.

Paulo and I have been together now for 4 years now, and in the UK for 2. He acquired his UK Visa in June 2012, so we are now looking to apply for our renewal which we give him ‘Indefinite leave to remain.’

After first moving to the UK we lived in Braintree for 1 1/2 years, which although being a small city, we loved! Since July of last year we have been living near Watford, London. We moved this way due to my new job (Which I’ve since left,) and are enjoying being closer to London!

The plan is to update this blog with information of our UK visa application soon. We are visiting Brasil soon which I’m excited about too!

All the best for 2014



Working In Brazil

Check out the new page ‘Working in Brazil’ for the main information you need about earning some cash!

Eu não Falo Português….Still!

So, After 6 months, I can un-happily confirm that I still don’t speak Portuguese. : /
I moved into a city where it seemed no-one spoke English so for the first few months I hid myself away.
Sadly for me though, when I did raise from the deep dark hole, I built myself a little English colony! The guy I live with speaks fluent English, our mutual friends speak English, and I also work a bit in an English School. Oh Dear!
After lack of motivation, and lack of trying, I finally got my act together. The material I used was ‘Portuguese for Dummies’ and a great site called http://www.livemocha.com I recommend it! Its free if you take the time to teach, or pretty cheap! Take a look.
Now i’m going back to England I seem to have gone into Holiday mode all to early, and my recent boost of motivation has come to a sudden end!
Fingers crossed for the New Year!

Hello world!

Hey All!

My name is Cristovão, I’m 22, and have been in Brazil since 2010. So far I have visited Campo Grande, Rio & Sao Paulo, with more travelling to come!

I am currently living in Campo Grande – MS. The city itself is the biggest in MS State, relatively boring, but very highly populated.

I moved here in June 2010 – The whole idea of living in Brazil was so crazy, yet very exciting! When I arrived I spoke NO Portuguese, and I am sad to say it is still very poor – But improving – Slowly!

After my own experience of trying to find other English speakers or advice about living in Brazil from a real person, I decided to make a Blog to share with you my experiences – past, present and future. So here it is!

I really hope the information posted on this site is useful to you, and maybe you’ll meet some new friends along the way. Please feel free to share your stories and experiences to! I would love to hear them!