2014 Update

Firstly – Happy New Year to all my visitors! It’s great to see that this blog still gets a lot of interest and has been able to help some people. I was excited to see its had over 10,000 hits since launching it!

I know that I haven’t been around for a while, so I thought I would share a little update.

Paulo and I have been together now for 4 years now, and in the UK for 2. He acquired his UK Visa in June 2012, so we are now looking to apply for our renewal which we give him ‘Indefinite leave to remain.’

After first moving to the UK we lived in Braintree for 1 1/2 years, which although being a small city, we loved! Since July of last year we have been living near Watford, London. We moved this way due to my new job (Which I’ve since left,) and are enjoying being closer to London!

The plan is to update this blog with information of our UK visa application soon. We are visiting Brasil soon which I’m excited about too!

All the best for 2014




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Camera Accident at Carnaval

Here you can see some great footage of one parade in Rio’s Carnaval.

Sadly you can also see an accident which happened when a TV camera from ‘Globo’ fell and injured 9 on-lookers!

I also found an article in ‘The Sun’ today showing the ‘King-Kong Carro’ I think this ‘Escola de samba’ was truly my favorite!

Take a look by clicking below!

King Kong


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Learning Portuguese!

So its time to bite the bullet and learn Portuguese. Well, i think with a strong sense of motivation, and a good memory your going to be fine! However, for those who struggle to find motivation to turn the alarm clock off in the morning (thats me,) Take a look at my new page ‘LEARNING’ for some great sites, tips and other advice!


Carnaval 2011!

Ladies and Gentleman! Carnaval 2011 is well underway, and the festivities have begun all over Brasil!

See a short clip above, and to watch more of Carnaval Brasil 2011 please visit the following links –



For me, the Carnaval has involved a drink filled night at a new club in my City (see recipe below for the drink which helped me out!)  special Carnaval event at a club here filled with Carnaval tunes, and the (post-poned due to rain) parade which till take place tomorrow and Tuesday!

Enjoy the links and any festivities you may be having, and feel free to post links to your photos or other sites!

Carnaval ‘Lul’

The whole of Brazil is anxiously waiting the arrival of ‘Carnaval’ (even if its just for a few days of work!) Here in my city the celebrations start Friday and finish Saturday, where as in bigger cities the celebrations will go on for much longer!

We sadly are not traveling as my partner is working throughout the celebrations.

Personally, I’m feeling a bit of a ‘Lul.’ Being an English teacher, many students, and in-fact universities, Opt not to re-start learning until after Carnaval. This means no students, which means no work, so I’ve been spending my days trying to keep busy.

I am looking forward to the excuse of partying more than normal, and of course seeing the little celebrations we have here! Maybe we’ll be able to fly next week to Rio to see the top 6 schools perform in some kind of unofficial Carnaval! Watch this space!

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