Changes Like the Wind!

2 months later, and here I am again.

This time, I assure you what I’m about to write is the correct information….WE ARE APPLYING FOR PAULO’s UK VISA!

We have decided not to go back to Brazil and to stay here and try and apply for residency here instead…..

I now have a full time job, and am renting an apartment near to my place of work. Of course this mean’s that I am contracted to stay at the apartment, hence – Our plans can no longer change!

I will update (if time from work permits lol) our process šŸ˜€



Coming Home….

Hello All!

So, after a 6 months contract working back on the Ships, we have decided that we would like to give Brazil another go. The real aim of coming back to ships was to stay together, because of the visa not going thru, and now we have documentation of over 1 year – which was what they required – we are going to go back and try the process again.

Watch out for more exciting updates and information! And thank you all for your continued support….I missed you guys šŸ˜‰


Goodbye Brasil…

Ladies & Gentleman,

Together, we have decided the next stage of our life is not going to be in Brazil, following the request of documents from us which are a year mature which we could not provide.

If you too are in this situation, I hear another option is to register your marriage in front of a judge.

So Whats next for us!? I am returning to work on the cruise ships tomorrow – Where we first met, with the hope that soon my partner will be joining me, or, once he joins another ship we come together (sooner rather than later i hope!)

After December we have been together for 2 years and will be attempting to apply for a UK Visa! I will also try my best to document this process here too.

Thank you for all your continuous support, and good luck to each and every one of you!


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Bom Dia!

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If you have an article related to Brazil which you want to world to see – Ā write it, email it, andĀ I’llĀ review & publish it!

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Apology, Thanks & Action

Good Day Readers!

I would like to apologise for my miss-written post ‘Sad News.’ This has now been amended. The previous post was a description of what i thought a letter said I hadĀ receivedĀ and not what was actually written. After re-reading I have edited ‘Sad News’ to give you an accurate description. Apologies to all those who read the previous post.

The thank you goes out to Ryohei for making me see my mistake, and also giving meĀ furtherĀ advice in this situation!

We are actioning our doubts in a form of an Email to Brasillia asking about the following –

  • My protocall visa expires on June 10th 2011. We can’t give the documents required, so my application will be archived. What does this mean about my Visa. Will it be extended?
  • If it wont, how long do I have to leave the country?
  • Me and my partner work on Cruise ships. IF now the application is archived, and I am out of the country for more than 3 months (protocall restrictions) on returning, will we have to re-submit, or can we still continue from theĀ achievedĀ submission.
Thats what’s on our mind right now, I’ll let you know what we send and what we recieve!
Sorry, Thanks, And I’ll keep you posted!

Sad News…Edited

Today we heard from theĀ MinistĆ©rio do Trabalho e Emprego, Conselho Nacional de ImigraĆ§Ć£o, responsible for all applications of this time.

We had seen rumours on-line that states you need to have certain documents a year or older to make your application. We were lucky enough to have our application accepted, and a proto-call given to us, before being told simply ‘NO’

The letter reads that we need to either submit a Stable Union made by the judge OR certain documents to support our current stable union which are over a year old.

If we are un-able to do so in 30 days the application will be archived. At this point we are not sure what it means for my ‘Protocall Visa’ as it expires on June 10th. Today we will be Emailing Brasillia to pose this question

Will keep you posted


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