Traveling Experience

As most of you know I now have a proto-call number which allows you to travel in and out of the country as you please as long as you do not remain outside the country for more than 3 months. This is not my first time leaving the country on my Protocall number but i will give you some feedback of what I’ve experienced so far –

  • The white immigration form you are given when first entering the country (for example leaving England to go to Brazil as a tourist) is now given to you when you leave Brazil, and taken off of you when you return to Brazil
  • They tend to look at your Protocall number with confusion at first, but after leaving the desk to speak to their supervisor everything has been fine in my experience
  • They stamp your passport when you leave and enter the country
  • Ensure you bring the letter you get with your protocall number, just incase

My Brazilian partner left the country to Europe for the first time ever, so we went through the research for this too! Here’s what we needed –

  • Some countries in Europe require your partner to have Insurance. It was needed in our case for Italy & France. UK Doesn’t have this as a requirement (at time of posting)
  • Money to support while in each country.
  • Documentation to show that he was leaving the country
  • Hotels / Hostel confirmation
  • Letter from my parents to say my partner was staying with me, and that they would support while we stayed in the UK. This was so we didn’t have to have so much money with us, and also proved that we had support

So above is what we prepared, and below is what happened

  • After exiting the ship in Italy, we went through NO border control
  • When flying within Rome no questions were asked
  • When flying from France to England the only question asked was when was he leaving
  • In England, Our main worry, He was asked numerous questions but no documentation was asked for. He was asked – How long are you staying, Where are you staying, Why are you here, and (randomly) where did you learn English?

We are both worriers, which didn’t help, but generally there doesn’t seem to be much problem for Brazilians traveling around Europe, but have the documents prepared in the case that you are asked for them!

Any questions, Please ask!



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