Caipiroska Recipe

Many people may have heard of the Brazilian ‘Caipirinha,’ but just as nice is the Vodka based version ‘Caipiroska’ which is also easier to make in places where they don’t sell cachaça (or pinga!)

This truly is a great way to treat yourself, but i warn you now to drink with caution as it’s easy to forget what this drink is made of. Pure Vodka! Many-a-times have i forgotten this, and in turn, forgotten some of the night, so be careful!


1 Lime

2 tbsp of Sugar

Crushed Ice



First add your sugar into a normal size glass (no more than 1/2 a pint!) then cut the lime into slices or chunks. Add these to the class and crush the lime and the sugar together with a press, or (as used in our house) with the wooden end of a ladle/spoon etc.  Personally i squeeze the lime juice in first, then crush with the sugar, this way you make sure most of the lime juice is out.

Once you have done this, and the crushed ice. The more the better!

Finish by adding vodka, and drink with a straw.

Again, i personally add vodka, and if I’m not on a big night of drinking, mix with a touch of water, but i guess this is all down to the amount of ice you have in your glass!  Enjoy!



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