Can You Keep A Secret!?

This fantastic, gripping, highly funny book by Sophie Kinsella is a must read!

I am not actually a big fan of reading, but this book totally got me wanting more!

The story is about a 20’s something woman with a good job, nice boyfriend, and a huge frear of flying! The problem is, she has never been able to hold a job, her boyfriend are ‘comfortable’ and she wants and exciting change, and she is invited to a meeting with work which she has to fly to!

Turbulence hits the flight, and she spills all her secrets to an American stranger sitting next to her, from ‘My boyfriend loves jazz, and he thinks i do to, but i HATE it!’ to ‘When my colleague really annoys me at work, i feed her plant orange juice!’

After the flight lands safe and sound she expects never to see this handsome American stranger again…but she does!

The stranger turns out to be the Owner, creator and Big Boss Man of the company she works for!!!

This truly hilarious book is a must read and i recommend it to everyone!



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