Feliz Natal!


Feliz Natal to Everyone!

It seems that Christmas Eve here is as important to people as Christmas Day. On attempting to find a bar or restaurant to eat at tonight, we were very limited with choice and decided to eat at a friends house instead. Everyone we knew, apart from these friends, we occupied this evening with family events. Good for them, bad for little gringo! But we had fun anyway which was the main thing!

After not finding a restaurant we quickly cooked up a risotto, pasta, and desert to take over to our friends along with some Coke and Pinga!

On entering our home at 3am, we were being pestered by other friends to go to a nightclub with them, but we decided to give this a miss! I know if i was back in England, i would have been in a club till late. Like last year. Although i can’t say that a hangover on Christmas Morning was too attractive!

Today, we have no plans, so lets see what happens!

Feliz Natal and Boas Festas! Have a wonderful day whatever you do!

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!


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