Packing that case!

Well, with my travels back to England fast approaching I’m packing the case, wondering what to leave here, and what to take there! Its so easy to take everything.

The biggest trouble for me was the un-predictable journey from here to there. I’m going to attempt to get an early flight rather than the one i booked, as there always seem to be problems at Campo Grande Airport (my friend works there) and then how to get from London to my City!?

‘Should i book tickets now? But then i don’t know if the flight will be delayed. OK well should i book for this time, or that time? Because who knows how long customs will take!?’ So many questions floating through my head, and no one to make the decision for me!

Anyway, I’ve taken a risk and booked ‘non-refundable’ train tickets in advance to save a bit of money, but if things don’t go to plan, it could end up costing me more. Lets see!

Fingers Crossed!


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