Eu não Falo Português….Still!

So, After 6 months, I can un-happily confirm that I still don’t speak Portuguese. : /
I moved into a city where it seemed no-one spoke English so for the first few months I hid myself away.
Sadly for me though, when I did raise from the deep dark hole, I built myself a little English colony! The guy I live with speaks fluent English, our mutual friends speak English, and I also work a bit in an English School. Oh Dear!
After lack of motivation, and lack of trying, I finally got my act together. The material I used was ‘Portuguese for Dummies’ and a great site called I recommend it! Its free if you take the time to teach, or pretty cheap! Take a look.
Now i’m going back to England I seem to have gone into Holiday mode all to early, and my recent boost of motivation has come to a sudden end!
Fingers crossed for the New Year!


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